A deep tissue massage is usually the most expensive massage in a SPA. More expensive means better right? Well, depends on who you ask!

As the name suggests, deep tissue massage applies deep pressure. It feels very much like someone is torturing you on purpose by pushing into your knotted muscle, and the massage is painful during the therapy and can leave you feeling sore after. On the other hand, aromatherapy is very relaxing during the massage. I have managed to catch a snooze many times during the aromatherapy massage. So why do I keep going back to the deep tissue massage? I assure you, I am not insane (well, depends on who you ask!)

While deep tissue massage may not be relaxing during the massage – it gives you a sense of EUPHORIA for the rest of the day, and for this feeling, a few minutes of pain is worth it.

So you ask, what massage should I get?
I say, if you have to ask this question, start with Aromatherapy, and gradually move over to Deep Tissue massage.

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